Celtek Launches TX2020 Dual Frequency Probe

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Microwave Instruments and IEC Standard

IEC60335-2-25 Ed6 includes a leakage-test instrument specification:

a)  Instruments are subject to regular calibration and

b) Response to plane wave of all polarization should fall within a tolerance of +/- 1dB.

Does your instrument meet this specification and have a traceable certificate of calibration?

Microwave heating sources can, on occasion, leak above leakage standards without detection. This may damage heat sensitive areas including the eyes.

Although well-maintained microwaves ovens should pose no leakage threat, a regular and reliable testing process should be conducted by qualified personnel using suitable test instruments that meet this new criteria.

Celtek has always achieved these IEC recommendations in terms of accuracy and calibration. The traceable calibration certificate is your customer’s guarantee that the instrument readings, upon which their safety depends, are accurate.

These calibrated instruments are used to confirm that any leakage from the heating source is within the safe UK  tolerance. Any leakage exceeding the safe level will be identified and the customer may then be advised how the problem may be overcome.

The Microwave Safety section of this site contains more detailed information on the levels of radiation leakage typically considered problematic and how this is measured.

Please browse through our site and feel free to contact us with any enquiries relating to microwave safety.

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