Microwave Safety

Here in the UK, we have adopted the same standard as that set by the American Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) in terms of the maximum amount of microwave energy permitted to leak from a microwave oven. This regulation amount is set at 5mW/cm2, measured at distance of 5cm from the potential leak.

Even if a leak is discovered that falls below this agreed standard, it still makes sense to investigate further and possibly take preventative action, since leaks of this nature are unlikely to improve over time.

National Standard Calibrated Instruments

The correct measurement of microwave power flux density requires specialist professional instruments, accurately calibrated to UK National Standards. With the growth in popularity of microwave ovens over the last few decades, demand for these instruments has increased too. Unfortunately, this has led to a rise in the number of products that claim to achieve these standards but, upon examination, fall way short.

Celtek engineers supply instruments that have been calibrated to the required specifications and regularly checked to ensure performance standards are maintained.

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