TX2000 Digital Microwave Monitor Kit


The TX2000 Microwave Leakage Monitor is a compact, robust, single range RF power measurement instrument operating at 2.45 GHz frequency. it replaces the TX90 analogue instrument made for the Robin Electronics company in 1992.

This instrument is designed specifically for the field service engineer engaged in the repair and maintenance of domestic and commercial microwave heating equipment working at a nominal frequency of 2.45 GHz. Its purpose is the detection of potentially harmful microwave energy leakage from these heating sources.

Unit Cost: £250.00 + VAT

Includes rigid carry-case with foam inserts to hold the instrument and traceable calibration certificate, plus RF labels set, user guide, battery and power check kit (comprises 2 x 500ml beakers and thermometer).


As with all instruments of this type, the readings produced depend upon the quality of manufacture and the accuracy of calibration prior to release for sale. It has been, and remains, the policy of Celtek, that all instruments are calibrated and provided with a calibration certificate, fully traceable to UK National Standards.


Physical Specification

Electrical Specification